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Peris DeVohn

Hi, my name is Peris DeVohn Edwards and I'm a native of Toledo, Ohio. I graduated from Rogers High School in 2006 and accepted a full-athletic football scholarship to play at Miami University. In 2010, I graduated from Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies. After college, I couldn't see myself doing anything but playing football in the NFL, but little did I know that God had other plans for my life. For three years after college, I pursued a career in the NFL, however, it had not worked out how I envisioned it and as a result, I hit my lowest point in my life. The passion was gone and I decided to move on from the game I played over half my life. I felt alone and depressed. Through this temporary failure I found a new passion. Four years later, now working as a Toledo Firefighter, a Toledo Public School Substitute Teacher, Author, Mentor and Motivational Speaker, I discovered my new passion and purpose in life was helping people— to help them discover and live their true passion. Life is funny and full of surprises. In 2015, I was fortunate to have my first writing published in Chicken Soup for the Soul Think Possible Book. My piece, titled “Success is Failure Turned Inside Out“, I wrote about my failure in football.

I'm not here to motivate you to do something to "become" happy or successful. I'm here for you to realize that happiness and success comes from within. That's not something me nor anyone else can give you. That's something you have to discover on your own, but we all can use help along the way and that's what I was called to do. I'm blessed with a gift and I'm allowing God to use me for something that's bigger than me. Knowing who you are and what you want in life is the first step and being willing to go through the good and bad to get there is how you become successful. Set the Bar high and do everything you can to achieve greatness and don't forget to enjoy the process and the journey. Keep an attitude of gratitude and count your blessings on your way to 365 Days Of Happiness, God bless.

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