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Leadership Pain
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Does adversity seem to come in your life and you can never make sense of it? Does your pain seem to serve no purpose? If so this book is everything you're looking for. It thoroughly explains how God uses pain to make use better people and better leaders to stretch us out of our comfort zones to become more. This book is a page turner and I promise you will never look at pain in your life the same after reading this book.

Three Magic Words

Looking for a book that will stimulate you mentally and unlock that true power of the subconscious mind?

This book will break down all walls of limitation. We were all created in God's image and all the power we need is within, we just need to learn to unleash our potential. One of the most powerful books you'll ever read!

Three Feet From Gold

Three Feet From Gold is a phenomenal read for anyone who can relate with adversity. We all know unfortunate things seems to happen all at once, when it rains it pours. But this is the time that we must continue to dig because we will strike gold sooner than we think. The closer we get to our blessings the harder the enemy will work. Greg Reid's story and testimony about his life and bad breaks all turned to blessings because he simply kept going. A book that you can read over and over that will keep you motivated to keep going even when success doesn't seem close even though it is. You will be a different person with a different mindset about adversity in your life after you read this book I promise you.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Goals are never enough, we must create new habits to accomplish goals. Creating new habits take a lot of discipline and time. This book will guide you into developing a new and powerful you. We are what we repeatedly do and having great habits and only prioritizing the important things will take us to greatness. This book will change your life two thumbs up and a book you can read over and over

The Wealth Cure
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Have you ever been in a position where you had to choose what you love versus making more money? I think we all have and it's not an easy thing to deal with. I think the biggest lie told is that money is the key to happiness. I'm not saying money isn't a factor because it's a big factor and it allows us to have more options which is always a good thing but it's not everything. At my last job I turned down a six-figure job offer three different times; and I took a pay-cut last year to what I was already making at that job to go into another career where I would be putting my life on the line everyday, literally. I was able to make this decision confidently because I know my wealth and what it means to me. Money is a part of my wealth but it's not all of it. What wealth means to me really stemmed from reading this book. I read this book once a year and I learn something new each time I read it. It paints a perfect picture of what wealth is and how to get there. The author Hill Harper my fraternity brother is very transparent with his life and he gives examples how he although he's rich financially hasn't always been happy especially when other things in your life aren't in order. This book is one everyone should read. It will only help you, hope you enjoy God bless.

The Richest Man in Babylon

Financial success starts with having principals about money. Most of us have an emotional attachment to our money and that’s why we make emotional decisions with our money instead of making our money work for us. This book is a must read because any other financial book you’ve read up to this point has piggy backed off these principals. Learn to work for money, save, invest, and last but not least GIVE. I read this book once a year and I take something new away from it every time i do and become a step closer to being financially independent. ENJOY #365daysofhappiness

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a book about finding your why in life. As the main character in the book Santiago likes to call it “your personal legend”. It’s the thing that drives us in life and it’s what we were put on earth to do. But by the time we grow old enough to pursue it society, family,  and most importantly ourselves talk us out of living and pursuing that personal legend. This book shows that whatever we inspire to be the universe will do everything in its power to help us achieve it. I’ve read this book a dozen or more times. I read it once a year to give me the faith to pursue my new goals each year. I highly recommend it. This book makes me think of my favorite Bible scripture Hebrews 11:1 “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” 

Rental Property Investing
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Tired of working hard for your money and want to break generational curses and create wealth? Try investing in rental property. It's a great way to build passive income and create wealth without having realized income go up which would increase your taxes. This book inspired me to purchase my first rental property. It walks you through step by step and can answer all of your questions and concerns. The author is part of the Bigger Pockets Podcast which I highly recommend as well. GREAT READ. 

Rich Dad/Poor Dad
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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is one of my favorite books that I make myself read once a year. It literally changes your thinking about money. It gives you both sides of working for money and money working for you. He had two dads and one was an example of both. There's no right or wrong way to live life but it's safe to assume we all want freedom to do as we please. Starting early having your money work for you is the way to financial freedom and wealth. The myth that people with money are evil is a weak way to explain people living a different lifestyle than you. This book lays it out how to do it, I highly recommend this book; I promise you'll walk away motivated to get started

Cashflow Quadrant
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Cash Flow Quadrants by Robert Kiyosaki is like the sequel to Rich Dad Poor Dad his other financial book. Rich Dad Poor Dad changes your mindset about money but Cash Flow Quadrants will give you how to go about taking action. It breaks everything down about what quadrant you're currently win and how to get to other quadrants if that's what you so desire. It's a how to book with so much great information that it gave me the courage to make my first investment in real estate to have my money work for me. This is a book you will not regret reading and it'll get you one step closer to financial freedom. 

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